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Keep fighting and keep praying

Hi, how are you doing today? Hope everything's going fine. Have you ever felt disappointed, angry, upset or sad in your life? I believe that we as a human have ever felt that, right?
Sometimes we felt that this life is unfair. And we think that why it's happened to us not to others. Astaghfirullah (I seek forgiveness to Allah). We shouldn't think like that.

We should believe that, Allah knows best. Whatever happened for a reason. We should know that sometimes what we want is not the best for us and what we don't want is the best for us actually.

Just believe Allah swt knows that we can handle it. On the other hand, He want to test us how we solve our problem. Whatever it is, believe that Allah always beside us. He always hear what we want.

Keep fighting and keep praying. Life is too short to think about angry, disappointed, upset and sad. Just let it go like haters walk in front of you. Let it flow like water flow at the waterfall. Let it blew like wind blew on your face.

Always keep praying to Allah swt because He will always help and hear you. Keep fighting for your beautiful life. In Sya Allah ( if Allah wills) you'll be keep smiling eventually....:)

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