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Oh my English

Hi! How are you doing today? I am fine, thank you and you? There is the common words that we talk when we meet our friends. Wow...Is my English good or have something wrong or "Oh My English" if we say nowadays? Hehehe..

Maybe, if I greet my friend like I say before, it looks like it's a right sentence, but when I speak the other more...huhuhu..there have many mistakes. But it's okay, at least I try it. How about you all? Have you tried it? 

If I remind when I childhood, there were the bad English that I used. I have not ashamed if I admitted that my exam paper was failed. But, I really interested to learn English till now. Then, I learned by myself through internet.

If you interest something, there is nothing impossible nowadays. You just search at Google or Yahoo to learn it. When I compare nowadays with my childhood, there have many different situation. Furthermore, I am not from the rich family. So, to buy book was too hard for me.

The most problem for me now is to speak with other people spontaneously. If I heard people has talking, I felt that it's easy. But when I want to speak, my tounge has  twisted.
Why it's happened? Maybe, I don't have confident. My confident level is too low and I need to solve this problem. What I want now is I hope I can speak fluently someday as soon as possible. 

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chenta dya said...

Like ! nice blog.;)

rishasha said...

Thanks dear...but you know, I have a mistake. Especially, a sentence in the picture. The right sentence is to make an effort not to take an effort...hohoho..I hope people around the world who realize my mistake that I've been done would comment my post. So that, I know my mistake then I can improve my English.

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