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What's the love meaning about? There have vary meaning in these contacts in our life. I believe that everyone in this world wants love. But, there have some difference opinion between one person and the other one. Maybe, some people think that love is just for someone who adores them but love has  great meaning than that.

For me, love has four separate part in our life. Firstly, love to Allah swt who create and grant us our beautiful life. Without Him, we're nothing and don't have anything. How we show our love to the creater? Obeyed what He's ordered and leave what He's prohibited. Maybe, it isn't easy for us but we should try to do it. May Allah swt makes it easy for us.

Secondly, we should love ourselves. Without that, we couldn't love anyone else. That's why there have some suicide cases that occur in this world. They've happened when someone leave them and believe that they have nobody to love them in this world. Astaghfirullah. May Allah swt guide us to do the right thing.

Thirdly, love to people around us who has meant to us. Who loves and adore us. Sometimes, when we love someone we've felt that, what they've given to us not enough.We've wanted that they showed their love more than we've given them. But as a human, sometimes we've felt greedy in this side.

Lastly, sometimes we love material more than people around us. That's why, there have some cases that the siblings get fighting with each other and forget the worth of the kin. On the other hand, there is some cases that the couples busy with their carrier and leave their kids at home till midnight. They  forget that their kids want their love more than the wealthy.

When we say about love, I think it such a beautiful life that we want. We want love, weather give it and accept it. Whatever it is, we should appreciate our lover even they don't know how to show it. But, the great thing that we should love is love to our creater. Who bestow us a beautiful life. Thanks to Allah swt.

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